26 May 2017

Day 5 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

Today I feel more energised, the skin is quite horrible as always, but I am trying so many delicious Teapigs Matcha recipes that I am sure I am gaining weight!

Today I want to share with you an easy, but healthy recipe for the ones who love sweet food but hate nuts!
Just put two teaspoons of honey in a ramekin and put all the matcha, mix it up until you think the bits are not quite big and then add nuts! Yes, seems an easy recipe, but nuts are really healthy and honey too, so why not mix it all together with our delicious matcha?


Wanderlust Alphabet by Jack Daly

The Wanderlust Alphabet concept is simple, Jack Daly has illustrated letters of the alphabet with cities he visited, traveling from A to Z.​​​​​​​

Spandex And The City by Jenny T. Colgan - Blog Tour

Spandex And The City by Jenny T. Colgan
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Rating: 4/5

The publicist Holly Phillips doesn't have a personal life, and the day she decides to take the chance is being saved by Ultimate Man, the saviour from the city. Is this a sign that they have a chance as a couple or dating a superhero is more difficult than a human?

"'Could you please... possible... possibly forget we ever met?'
I thought of how much I wanted to be a journalist. I thought of a gigantic scoop this was. I noticed how downcast and miserable he looked."

I have to say I loved Spandex And The City, we are so used to see the superhero falling in love with the human and that they are happy forever that is refreshing reading that they can argue, have troubles and disappointments too! Because neither Ultimate Man or Holly will be "normal", as obvious Ultimate Man is a saviour, but he has feelings and dreams as all human being... And don't expect Holly to be rescued, she is ready to fight for the city and her friends even if she has to risk her life!
We will meet a baddie too, I will not reveal his true identity, I don't want to make spoilers! I am not sure his master plan is as bad or as good as he wants us to believe... but he won a little piece of my heart too!
This is a delicious read, with superheroes, villains and an intelligent woman that will try to decide if knowing the truth about the superheroes world would be worth the sacrifice! Ready for an action, funny and romance book?
One little question... what do you prefer to save or be saved?

25 May 2017

Rafael Araújo Gifs

Funny and cute gifs by the artist Rafael Araújo!


Day 4 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

Mmmm... today I am not feeling so energised as yesterday, I suppose it is because yesterday I was awake till late reading a book, quite interesting if you ask me!
That's why today I will not share a very original recipe, just an easy but very effective and tasty way to enjoy your Teapigs Matcha, with a yogurt! I wanted to try it with a lemon yogurt, but since I discovered I am lactose intolerant I try to eat everything lactose free. I couldn't find a lemon yogurt, but the Alpro (soya milk) with coconut and my matcha was delicious, it will be on my diet from now on!
Here is a delicious photo to make you a little envy!

Have you already tried any delicious recipe with matcha?

Reconciliation For The Dead by Paul E. Hardisty - Blog Tour

Reconciliation For The Dead by Paul E. Hardisty
Genre: Action, Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4'5/5

This is a bold and hard book, but reading about war has never been easy!

'Memory is a strange, malleable, and, he had come to realise, wholly undependable quantity. And nothing, it seemed, was immune from time's inexorable winnowing, that hollowing erosion that, eventually, pulled the life from everything.'

This is a story told between the past (1980's) and the present (1996) where Claymore Straker is appearing before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to face off the demons from the past... His life changed completely 15 years ago, he was dishonoured and exiled and now is ready to tell the truth...  Be prepared to discover the injustices and the horrors that Clay face in Angola.
This is a brutal story to read, to live and to think about, because Hardisty has done an amazing job creating this book, but is based in true events, so it makes the story less fictional and more terrifying if you think of the consequences of everything you are reading! This is an addictive book, but you will have to stop to breath after reading some of the cruelty things told in the story.
I can't imagine how a young solider that is risking his life at every minute has to feel when he discovers that all his beliefs and actions had been used for the wrong purposes and that there's no turning back...
This is the third book of the series Claymore Straker, you can read it as standalone, but I think this story puts on perspective all the other books, so your choice if you want to start from here or from the beginning, because after reading this book you will want to know more about Claymore, for sure!

24 May 2017

Secret Passageways and Hiding Places of Hogwarts by Pottermore

Take a look at this detailed map of all the secrets of Hogwarts, only for Harry Potter fans! ;)
The source is Pottermore.

Beach Towels by Studiomateriality

Studiomateriality is a workshop which aims at applying art to products. Through this process, studiomateriality designs various products such as lighting, mirrors, homeware etc. 

Do you plan to go to the beach this summer? Do you have the bikini ready? Because I have the most original towels for you, digitally printed with the most beautiful sea creatures which will accompany you in this summer adventures, I am sure!

The source is Designboom.

Day 3 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

This is my third day of the #Matchachallenge by Teapigs!

I may say that I don't feel too tired after running and jumping with my little one, maybe the matcha is really getting me more energy? Sadly my skin is as bad as always, I hope will improve a little after all! I have a wedding and I want to have a soft skin... but maybe this is asking too much...!
Today I want to share with you something easy, healthy and delicious to do with the matcha, a dressing salad! Are you one of those that doesn't eat salad because is boring or you love salad but don't know what to add to make it different?

Matcha Dressing Sauce
  • 3 teaspoons of honey
  • 5 tablespoons of oil
  • half lemon juice
  • a pitch of salt
  • a Teapigs Matcha Sachet

I love to eat salads, usually I put everything I find in the fridge with the salad mix bag you can find in the supermarket. Today my salad was with matcha (of course), a mix of salad leaves, cherries, carrots, raspberries, fried onion, pine nuts and to dress, of course the Matcha Dressing Sauce! It was healthy, tasty and a different way to enjoy the matcha!

Have you started the #matchachallenge?

23 May 2017