14 August 2017

Bouffants and Broken Hearts Patterns 2

One year ago I shared with you the beautiful patterns of Bouffants and Broken Hearts,  have you seen the new designs, they are more prettier, if this is possible! ;) 


The Sketching Tin by Joan of Art

Today after searching it for a few time, I find the perfect tin for my "ambicious" art ideas, the Sketching Tin, a pocket sized kit for drawing and painting. It is ideal for carrying with you every day, allowing you to sketch your surroundings whenever you get a chance. It's also the perfect multi-tool for documenting your travels.

These are highly pigmented watercolours giving a concentrated hit of colour. A magnet on the bottom of the pan secures it to the base of the tin or the palette lid, or anything else metal. They have selected colours that are useful as individual shades and also have great colour mixing capabilities when used in combination. There are four different ranges of colours to choose from, each with a different mood. 




This is the perfect gift for an art lover, don't you think?

13 August 2017

Cyclemon, Bicycle World

Are you a bicycle lover? Then you will have to take a look at the Cyclemon prints, they have the most famous bicycles to decorate your home, take a look!

A Game Of Deceit by K.A. Davis - Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway

A Game Of Deceit by K.A. Davis
Genre: Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Kathryn Landry doesn't expect to arrive at home and find that her husband has left her, it seems that her worst nightmare has happened, like her father, her husband has taken everything, but left his computer behind... maybe there's something more behind his disappearance?
You will have to help Kathryn unravel this mystery to know all the answers!

'John reached up and stroked Kathryn's cheek.
"I'll be on my best behaviour and wait until you're ready."
"Thanks for being understanding."
"No problem. Do you think I can try again next week?" he asked with an impish grin.
She swatted his hand away. "Come on let's go have some breakfast and talk about murder."'

This is one of those mysteries where there are just two suspects, both trying to help the damsel in distress and win her heart, or they have something to hide? We are talking about the handsome PI, John Selton and the detective of the case Mike Williams, both bossy and always expecting to be in control, something that I really hated! Maybe I am used to women that are ready to answer for themselves instead of always apologising... that's something that I didn't like about Kathryn, instead of trying to decipher her feelings, she plays with both of them and their lives instead of focusing to what's really happening in her life!
The plot is quite engaging, a disappearance that could be a murder or simply that he really left his wife... We don't know much about the Landry's marriage, they have a lot of secrets, not a loving marriage and maybe some abuse? I finished the book with a few questions, that I hope will have the answers in another book? Fingers crossed!
Let me say that there are a few delicious recipes that are named during the book, and lucky for us we can find the recipes at the end of the book, now we just need some time (or a good partner) that makes them for us! ;)
This is a quick read detective case; with mystery, bullets, secrets and a little bit of love!
Ready to return home?

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11 August 2017

Due Advertising

Let me say that I find this advert from Due original and funny at the same time. How many times have you regretted watching the last episode of your favourite series because they made a horrible ending? That's the point in the Due advert, Don't Let A Bitter Taste At The End. Due. Amazing Desserts.

Advertising Agency: Acesso, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodne Torres
Art Director: Matheus Sena
Copywriters: Rodrigo Santiago, Bruno Facundes
Type: Pedro Marques
The source is Ads of the World.

Jane Austen Playing Cards by John Eric Ligon

Are you a Jane Austen book lover?

I think this original playing cards are quite nice, it's a Kickstarter project from John Eric Ligon, of course called Jane Austen playing cards, where each card is represented by one of the famous characters of Austen's books. 

The images for all the queens and jacks come from fashion plates found in Ackermann's Repository of Arts—an influential British periodical published from 1809–1829 that featured articles and images on art, architecture, fashion, furniture, needlework patterns, and politics. It is likely that Miss Austen would have been familiar with this publication. The selection of images for the queens and jacks are found within the two years prior to the publication date of each novel. The decorative line art on the back of the cards and within the Ace of Spades, is based on the needlework patterns found in Ackermann's.

I find these cards are a beautiful present and a different way to enjoy our loved Jane Austen characters, don't you think?

9 August 2017

Spiffy-Keen Creations

I want to share with you the beautiful little creatures that the artist Spiffy-Keen creates, they are so cute!

Dadgummit by Maggie Toussaint - Great Escapes Blog Tour

Dadgummit by Maggie Toussaint
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

There's a body without any suspicious mark of death... the police doesn't know where to start, lucky for them the dream walker, Baxley Powell, is on holidays and free to help them investigate the case. The only problem is that she is on holidays and just wants to relax instead of another case to solve!
Ready for a paranormal case?

"Great. A case I didn't want, with people I didn't want or trust. I didn't like surprises, and this day had been chock full of them. I took a slow breath. Perhaps t wouldn't be bad. Perhaps I could breeze in and solve their case on the spot.
Yeah, right."

Baxley is a widow, a mother and a dream walker, she is quite new in the paranormal world, but lucky for her all her friends and family will try to help her in this difficult case. She will learn (and will teach us too) some new curious creatures that live in the world among us, some of them fantastic and some mythological, and let me say that it surprised me that the author has mixed them both. I still haven't understood the paper of the "help" Baxley has in the dreams world, is Rose good or bad? See is the perfect evil, but seems to have more secrets than anyone else... maybe we will know more about them in the next books?
I can not leave alone the family situation of Baxley, she is a widow, but doesn't believe that her husband is death, I can understand the need to know the truth, he can not find him in the death world but neither in the live world... so where's her husband? I hope the author will give Baxley some closure soon, I would not like to be in her skin about not knowing the truth about someone you love!
Paranormal books are not the type of books I usually read, but let me say that this case was quite original and with a surprising twist at the end makes you want to know more about the story.
This is the fourth book of the Dreamwalker series, you can read it as standalone, of course, but there are a lot of characters' background that will be lost in the previous books. So I would recommend to start the series from the beginning!
Ready for a walk in your dreams?

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8 August 2017

Food Illustrations by Kendyll Hillegas

Some delicious food illustrations created by the artist Kendyll Hillegas.

Iced: Resort to Murder by Avery Daniels - Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway

Iced: Resort to Murder by Avery Daniels
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Julianne loves her job at the five start resort in Colorado, but her job could be in danger after being the first suspect of the death of Pastor Tom... Will she be able to clean her name?

'I whirled around and stumbled back. "Don't touch the staff. That includes me Pastor Tom." I practically shouted. Pastor Tom Drake was well known around town, and getting national attention lately with his mega church.'

This is a quick read mystery, full of characters and quite an explosive case!
Julianne is a character that really knows what she wants, a job, a career, and is not ready to start a family yet, but maybe the handsome Mason will make change her mind. I was a little bit tired that everyone in Julianne's life tries to get her a husband or a boyfriend... a girl could be happy and alone!
Mason is the typical gentlemen; attractive, protective and romantic... maybe he needs to do something wrong, too perfect!
The case in this book is quite strong, to use a mild word... a Pastor that participates in Swing group and maybe flirting with young girls? Too many dark secrets not to have a very long list of possible killers after you!
I was a little overwhelmed with the long list of characters that appeared on the book, some of them were just for a phone call or a couple of dialogues... I hope in the next book they will appear more and we will start to know the link between them and Julianne.
Ready for a crazy party?

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