17 March 2018

Si Fa Sol Si - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today is Saturday, so I will make the word a little bit more complicated, because is not a word is a phrase! ;) And I don't think you will discover what does it mean Si Fa Sol Si... /sɪfɑsɒlsɪ/

Because this is a sentence let me say that we use quite often, but at the same time is a hieroglyph, a music hieroglyph. So, today apart from the word I normally show you, I'll show you how we read the piano notes! ;)
Take a look at the difference...

So, what I am writing is Si Fa Sol Si, and it means If it is sunny, yes.
Sometimes learning a new language is not so boring, am I right?

Southern Discomfort by Caroline Fardig - Blog Tour

Southern Discomfort by Caroline Fardig
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

When Quinn Bellandini finds the brother of her best friend dead, she would never thought that she will be person of interest of the murder... and when Drew (the brother of the victim and Quinn's best friend) is put under arrest, she starts investigating, because she knows he is innocent and doesn't want to be the next suspect!

'"Do you hear how absurd you sound?"
"This whole thing is absurd!" I cried, lowering my voice as I got some disdainful side-eye from the other guests. "When have you ever heard of a murder happening and a dozen people having really good reasons to kill the victim?"
"Well, during last weekend's Netflix binge-watching, I seem to recall in this one episode of-"
"I mean in real life, D."
"Oh, well in real life it's always the spouse."'

This had been a quite interesting read, because you could totally understand what Quinn is feeling and why she starts investigating, she is not curious, she is really terrified to start questioning some possible suspects. But at the same time, she knows if she doesn't investigate it doesn't seem that the police will do it, they think they already have the suspect!
Of course the victim is not a saint, he has a very dark character, some debts, maybe an affair... and is divorcing her wife... so everyone has a motive, even her brother... so Quinn will have to be quite sharp if she really wants to discover the truth, this is not an easy case to decipher, be prepared for a lot of theories but not many of them are correct!
It was nice too the relation Quinn had with her family, and specially her sister Delilah, their mutual protection but not afraid to say always the truth, lovely! And be prepared for a mysterious presence... I don't believe in ghosts, but maybe in the B&B they both own there's an uncle who take care of them... 
There's a little bit of romance in the story too, a handsome school friend that seems quite interested in Quinn, but after so many failed dates, I am not sure they are ready for anything more than enemies?
If you are searching for a new cozy mystery, this had been a great read, and I am sure the next Quinn adventure will be a must read too!
Ready for a walk in Savannah?

Kung Fu Otter by Leo Xing Ming

I love these Otter and how they make Kung Fu by the artist Leo Xing Ming! ;)

16 March 2018

Stranger Things By Sophia Ayuso

I love the simplicity of Sophia Ayuso characters, take a look at the famous Stranger Things characters and tell me that you don't recognise them, because I will not believe you! ;)

Aigua - Català; Ara i Sempre

Aigua is my little one first word, I am not sure if it is because we used a lot or because he is thirsty all day...! Aigua /æɪˈɡwə/

Yes, this is an easy word to know the translation in English... Aigua is Water; an odorless, tasteless liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen that makes up rain, oceans, lakes, and rivers.
Here is a song I sang with my mother when I was little...

Si Vols Aigua Ben Fresca - Xesco Boix                    If you want really cold water - Xesco Boix
Si vols aigua ben fresca,                    If you want really cold water,
a la font has d’anar.                    at the drinking fountain you have to go
Si el que vols és la gresca                    If what you want is an uproar
un bon vi has de buscar.                    a good wine you have to search.
Oh, là, li,...                    Oh, là, li,...
Oh, larà, liria, oh, lalà,                    Oh, larà, liria, oh, lalà,
cucut, cucut (3)                    cucut, cucut (3)
Oh, larà, liria, oh!                    Oh, larà, liria, oh!

It was funny because when I searched for the author of this song there were a lot of modifications with the lyric, quite strange that only the original says wine! ;)

The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet

The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Doubleday
Rating: 4'5/5

This is a disturbing but addictive psychological thriller that will keep you up all night.

"The key slides and turns in the lock, smooth and slippery as a silverfish. Lying in bed last night, staring at the trembling shadows of the branches grazing agains the window and thinking of this moment, I thought it would be harder. I imagined scratching metal. Jarring resistance. After everything that has led me here, it feels s if it should be more of an effort. But it's easy -an anti-climax, even. An eggshell cracked in the hand and tossed aside."

First of all, if you are planning for a house swap this summer, keep this book till you return, because after reading it maybe you will re-think about it... Sorry!
This story is told between the past and the present of Caroline and Francis marriage, when the things were difficult and the secrets started; and the present, were they are trying to reconnect and have the spark they had before. And then there’s a mystery voice, the person that made the swap with them, has a secret agenda... Who could be? And what is Caroline hiding?
While this slow burning mystery evolves we discover the truth about Caroline and Francis marriage, they had passed a very dark period, this had to be their way to relax and connect, but as the book passes we know that Caroline secret is too big to keep it hidden and maybe it will change their life forever.
This had been a twisty read, but it felt real and human. I’ve done house swap a few times, and sharing your house with an stranger is something intimate and scary at the same time. You never know what you’ll find in the other house, and this is the mystery Rebecca Fleet uses amazingly to penetrate on your skin. Because the anxious is not just when you go to the new house but returning to your own and pray that will be still there.
This is a book to read, share and comment, I am sure it will make you think about some important aspects of your life.
Ready for a swap?

15 March 2018

Hivern - Català; Ara i Sempre

Ok, is it a fact that I am not a very good teacher, it seems that I put the cart before the horse, because really, after the days and the months I should tell you the seasons, isn't it? More normal... sorry! I started this project as a way to fight for the Catalan and I didn't have a program at all... but I can promise you that I am trying to be interesting and original and share things that if you don't live there you couldn't know. So ok, today is the moment to share with you the word "Hivern"...

And after all the "silly" talk I made before, I am sure you could guess what it means Hivern, yes, Winter, like "Winter is Coming" from Game of Thrones! Winter as, the cold season between autumn and spring.

Oli, sal i pa calent, fa de bon passar l'hivern.
Oil, salt and hot bread, makes it easier to go through winter.

This is something really typical from the people that lives or have a country house, don't think about a mansion, a simple house with 2 rooms, a kitchen and a living room, but with a fire place and some big extension to cultivate vegetables and fruits. I had spent a lot of years making fire outside to cook meat and toast bread, let me say, delicious! ;)

Music in Film by Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra

I love this advertising from the Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra, original and funny at the same time! ;)

Advertising Agency: Garnier BBDO, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Chepe Antillón
Illustrator: Allan Sanchez
Additional Credits: Sebastian Espinach

The source is Ads of the World.

Magnote Toys

I've seen the Magnote Piperoid cute animals a few times at the toy shop, sadly I haven't bought any of them...! But this doesn't mean they are not cute and so perfect for any kid (or adult kid) to create one of these animals and have a lot of fun!

The Piperoid are handmade animals (because you assemble them, of course!) with paper pipes and pre-drilled holes, really easy to create and of course don't put them near water or they will melt...!
Take a look at the new designs, they are so cute...


Note for myself, the next time I see them, buy one of each! :)
The source is My Modern Met.

14 March 2018

Taca - Català; Ara i Sempre

I know this seems a quite weird word, what could it mean? It's not easy to discover... Taca! /tækə/

Taca... okay one clue... you don't like wearing them... Any idea yet? Taca is the same as Stain; a mark caused by foreign matter on a material. Yes, this is another of those words that have no similarity at all, that makes this more fun, don't you think?

Ok, today I will share with you a tongue-twister with the word Taca, let me know if you can say it quickly! ;)

Paco guarda les poques copes que, a poc a poc, Paca toca i taca.
Paco save the few glasses that, step by step, Paca touch it and stain.

Yes, it doesn't have any sense at all, but tongue-twisters are not funny for the meaning of the sentence but the difficulty to say them!