23 December 2011

Vol de Nuit

Do you want to be very sparkling the Christmas night?
Try this brilliant spray, it will make you the center of the party!
It's an special Christmas edition of the perfume "Vol de Nuit" of Guerlain.
A perfumed shimmer powder for the face and the body.
It will go perfect with a black dress and a wonderful smile!

21 December 2011


I always take my coffee with milk, but sometimes I try new beverages with coffee.
Today I try one called Suau, made in Benissanet, near Tarragona.
I bought this bottle in a little market in Barcelona, specialized in foods. But I don't know where to buy it now, sorry...
You can try to make one for yourself, you only need coffee and sparkly water, here's the recipe if you want to try!

20 December 2011

Cute tape

Do you like to make handicrafts?
You want to surprise this christmas with the gift wrapping?
You have to take a look at this page!; they have a lot of japanese washi tape!

16 December 2011

Le Petit Prince

Who doesn't have read the "Little Prince" by Antoine Saint-Exupéry when was young?
Now it seems to be a must read book in the school, and all the libraries has a lot of merchandising of it.
It has arrived in my hands a little book of citations, Happines by Brúixola, by Antoine Sant -Exúpery, in Catalan. It's a little book, but has beautiful drawings of the "Little Prince", and some of the sentences that has, are very interesting.

"No podem preveure el que és important a la vida. L'alegria més bonica s'experimenta sempre quan menys l'esperes" 
It's like we can't prevent what it's important in life. The most happines it always come when we doesn't expect it.

"Aqui tens el meu secret. És molt senzill: només s'hi veu bé amb el cor. L'essencial és invisible als ulls"
Here is my secret, it's very simple, our eyes are the heart. All essential things are invisible to the eyes.

And the last sentence, I think is the better one, Try to be happy.

15 December 2011


Do you know what a Pandoro is?
It's a traditional italian dessert, typicall for Christmas and New Year. There are a lot of different types, the most usual are Pandoro and Panettone.
- Pandoro it's a yeast bread served dusted with vanilla scented icing sugar.
- Panettone  it's a bread loaf that contains candied orange lemon and raisins.
My favourite one is the Pancracio one's, full of chocolate, it's my favourite dessert in Christmas!

14 December 2011


Do you want to make your christmas tree sweeter this year?
You have to take a look at this ornaments, they are made with sugar!
Canàsuc is a french company, specialized in sugar, they make them with different forms, colours... a very nice way to surprise your hosts!
This christmas they make ornaments for your trees like balls, angels, thunders... all to make your house sweeter.
I've choosen the christmas balls, they come in 6 different models, 3 with white sugar and 3 with brown sugar.
Take a look at them!

13 December 2011

Fish Candy

Today I want to write about this little sweets and the nice little bag that contains them.
They are from Japan, Nakagawa shop, sidra flavour and with a little fish that makes company to the candies!
If you want to take a look at the shop, they are more little bags with sweets inside, there's a bag for every ocasion.
There are christmas special too!


9 December 2011


A few months ago I talked about the shop Poundshop, a pop-up store from UK, that sells nice objects for a very good price, do you remember?
So the shop is open again!; but only for three days!
These are a few things you can find there... anyone you like to have?


Nice images for getting up the battery in the morning!

They are all from Society6.

8 December 2011


When I was young, I used to play the piano, so when I see something related to music I always stop and take a look!
This time I saw this nice earrings, they are handmade with silver, cupper and glass. Both are differents one has a treble clef and the other a bass clef.
They don't have a shop yet, but you can take a look on their facebook page!

7 December 2011

Marangoni Cioccolato

Do you like chocolate?
You can eat this special confit from Marangoni. They are made with chocolate and fruits, and they make your day really sweet!
You can choose between a lot of different flavours and sizes, and if you don't like bonbons, you can try the chocolate bars.
I've only tried 3 flavours, but I'm sure I'll repeat!

    Chocolate with a date and walnuts

    Chocolate with Mirtilli

    Chocolate with Orange

6 December 2011

Dear blank, please blank

A few months ago, I've found a nice page where you can find funny sentences, thanks to el tornillo que te falta, and now I've found in BitRebels new sentences!
Take a look, they are very funny! :)

If you want to take a look at the shop... etsy.

Gourmet la Sirena!

Fa uns dies vaig poder-me apuntar a una promoció per degustar els Vasets Gourmet Premium, gràcies a Bloguzz.
Era un paquet de 6 gotets amb 3 tipus d'aperitus diferents:
- Salmó amb salsa tzatziki
- Pebrot i formatge de cabra
- Pollastre marinat

Si en teniu ocasió, no dubteu a provar-los! :)

Cupcake kit!

Do you like cupcakes?
So you may like the winter season of Women'Secret inspired with this tasty desserts!

You can take a look on the pyjamas, the little bags, the socks... or my favourite one's... the panties!
You have 3 panties with the silicone baking pan to make your own cupcakes in your oven!
Don't wait to take a look on their page, I'm sure they sold out very soon!

5 December 2011

Aranciata Rossa

Would you like to try some retro drink?
The Aranciata Rossa is a red orange drink with a very nice bottle!
It's from Macario, an italy company.
You can choose from 4 different retro drinks;

Gassosa - Classic Soda

Tonica - Tonic Water

Chinotto - A Typical Italy Drink
Aranciata Rossa - Red Orange

Have you tried them; which one you preffer?