31 December 2012

Happy New Year! :)

I hope you'll have an amazing New Year!

Perfect Matching Scarf

The Perfect Matching Scarf fits every outfit. 
Wasabigreen pants? No problem. 
Norwegian sunset yellow jacket? Sure.
Blushing maid red shirt? Easy peasy.
Take your pick!

30 December 2012

Monsters by Veronica de Fazio

I love these cute monsters by Veronica de Fazio, I hope the real monsters are like them! :)

La Osada - Hair Accesories

Are you searching some cute accesories for your hair or original jewellery?
Maybe you want to take a look at La Osada a little shop from a spanish designer!
She creates earrings...


Hair Accesories....

And if you are planning to go to Madrid, you can find her in the famous market El Rastro! :)

28 December 2012

27 December 2012

Herokid™ Magic Box by Andreu Zaragoza

Are trying to change your home decoration?
Why not trying the package designed for the urban clothing brand Herokid™?
You can download a PDF with the Mini Magic Box template to cut and assemble and personalize it with some amazing drawings or stickers!

The source is Behance.

Brainless Tales by Marcus

After a few weeks with some amazing news in my life and without having the chance to write new posts on my blog. I would like to make you laughing with the jokes of Brainless Tales.
Here are some of them, but there are a lot more!