30 April 2012


How about make someone special happy?
In the Rosa you can find a variety of roses to send to someone you love!
I've picked a few... which is your favourite?

Montygog's or Dave Perillo

I've found these funny pictures and I couldn't resist to share them to you!
They are all from the artist Montygog (Dave Perillo); if you are interested you can buy them on Acid Free and Dark Ink.
Have fun! :)

29 April 2012


On the following days, I'll be on holidays in Paris! :)
I'll visit...

                                                                  La Torre Eiffel, 1935, Raoul Dufy

I'll go to the exposition of Tim Burton...

I'll walk on the side of Seine

Banks Of The Seine, 1887, Van Gogh  

And of course I'll eat some desserts...

Watercolour Painting by Laura Row.

And maybe some macarons too...!! :)

Watercolour Painting by Laura Row.

28 April 2012

Internet User

How many hours a day you'll stay in front of your computer¿?
Are you wondering which type of user you are?
Thanks to Flowton you can select which one! :)

The Many Faces of the Internet User

Type Map by Bold and Noble

Where are you from?
In Bold and Noble you can find some of the most famous cities in the world in typo posters!
So... which one will you get? :P

Añadir leyenda

27 April 2012

26 April 2012

Pusheen the Cat

Do you have a cat?
How of this images remebers your cat?
They are all from Every Day Cute.

Sky Series

How many colours you used to see when you look at the sky?
In the Sky Series from Eric Cahan, you can see all the rainbow colours! :)

 Don't you think they are amazing?

25 April 2012

Lightning Drawing by Cassandra C. Jones

How many time you've been looking to a storm to see the lightning?
The artist Cassandra C. Jones has made an amazing composition with lightning.
And if you live in San Francisco, you can visit the exhibition in the Eli Ridgway Gallery! :)


The source is Design Boom.

Superhero Film Alphabet

Are you a superhero lover?
I've found this original poster from Stephen Wildish.
How many of them you can identify? (The solutions are in the bottom! )

Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Iron Man, Jonah Hex, Kick Ass, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Meteor Man, Nick Fury, Orgazmo, Punisher, Quicksilver, Robocop, Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Unbreakable, Venom, Watchmen, Professor X, Yellowjacket, Zoom.