30 June 2012

Tutti Frutti by Cristina Otero

Do you like eating exotic fruits?
The photographer Cristina Otero has made a collection with some curious fruits...

Cruciani, the Summer Bracelets

Every summer there's a must have fashion bracelet, this year it's the Cruciani bracelets!
It has 7 four-leaf clover which is associated with new and happy events. According to tradition, each leaf represents a particular quality: the first being reputation, the second wealth, the third health and the fourth true love.
An amulet for you or for your loved ones?
You can choose between the 28 different colours they have!

29 June 2012

Corny Jokes by James Garcia

It's friday!
Do you want to celebrate the weekend?; have some laughs with this jokes edited by James Garcia! :)


Gadgets Anatomy by Mads Peitersen

Do you want to know what's inside your favourite gadgets?
The artist Mads Peitersen has imagined what could be inside of some of them... :)


The source is Toxel.

28 June 2012

Metro Cuffs by Designhype

Are you going on holidays and you are tired of having your subway map in your pocket?
Designhype has the answer; You can wear it in a fashion bracelet made with stainless steel embossed in different colours!
They have the London, Paris, NY and the Chicago is coming soon!; so where are you going this summer? :)

Yoga Dogs by Dan Borris

Do you make yoga?
Do you know how to make all of the amazing and difficult famous positions?
These dogs, photographed by Dan Brown, know how to them!
They are amazing! :)


27 June 2012

Wander Project

It's nearly summer and it means traveling around the world!
I've found an original project called The Wander Postcard Project: A Traveler’s Canon
They asked some of their favorite illustrators to imagine a postcard from everywhere and nowhere at once.
These are my favourite postcards...

Merry Autumn, Simply Different

How many times you have a flight and have problems with the "1 bag policy"?
This is how the creators of Merry Autumn met, in Los Angeles Airport.
An evolving project, born while flying 10,000 feet high, which aims to building at all times something different, deeper, unbreakable, and most of all without losing its identity: Simply Different.
They have the Doublette, a clutch double-face made of leather and rubber.

The Slim Wallet, the one and only small wallet that can contain notes, coins and cards.

And the most amazing for me, the 2.0 bag! :)