23 December 2013

2D or not 2D by Alexander Khokhlov

I am impressed by these photo series!
The photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsanproject created this project, to turn the models faces into the 2D images.
Take a look...

American Horror Story Coven Minimalist Posters by Patricio Oliver

Are you a fan of the tv serie American Horror Story Coven?
Which is your favourite character? Here are a few of my favourite created by Patricio Oliver

21 December 2013

Chicago Maps by Joe Mill

I like these Chicago Maps designed by the artist Joe Mill! :)

Hello Kitty by Funko

Take a look at one of my Christmas calendar advent present, a Blind Box with a Hello Kitty inside! :)

It's a Mistery Mini box with all the Hello Kitty dressed in Halloween characters, so cute!
Here are all the characters you can find inside...

But, my favourite is the one I get! :)

19 December 2013

8 bit by Fashionary

High Fashion in 8-bit! :)

The designs are from Fashionary.

Mugtail by Kinto

Take a look at this Mugtail by Kinto.
Is modelled in white porcelain with a matte unglazed finish. Features a debossed fox and bushy tail handle. And you can put a light inside to light a dark space! :)
My favourite animal is the cat...

18 December 2013

May the Force Be With You by H-57

These posters come from the great love of H-57 for Star Wars and typography.

Christmas Karakuri Present Box

I have received my first Christmas present! :)
My Hoshino Karakuri box!, it's a limited edition just for the members of the Karakuri Club.
It has a soft and velvet texture on the top, and you can open it with just 3 movements. I love it! :)

17 December 2013

Christmas Papertoys by Ringococo

These cute little Christmas decorations will help you decorate your table this Christmas.
These original creations are from the website Ringococo.

Cute Food by The-8th-Sin

I love all these cute food designs created by the designer The-8th-Sin. I could not decide which one is my favourite!