11 August 2014

Printable Summer Postcards by Alix Sorrell

While you are on holidays this summer, you can send these cute postcards from Alix Sorrell (Oh Happy Day).
You just need to download the template here, colour them and send them to all your loved ones! :)

Craking Cookies

Have you ever tried a Fortune Cookie, where you can enjoy a cookie with a cute message inside?
In Craking Cookies, they not just made the traditional cookies, they make some amazing and tasty cookies! With a lot of different flavours; Vanilla Bean, Classic Chocolate, Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla & Honey...
I was able to try the Raspberry, Honey & Vanilla; in the beginning you enjoy the fresh raspberry and then it leaves the sweetness of the honey. I would love to have a box full of these cookies!

Of course I could not forget the message, it's funny! :)

They make some unfortunate cookies too, I would love to read one message!
I think it's a really cute and original present for any party or just to have fun in a party, don't you think?

9 August 2014

Dollicious by Meago

These cute illustrations represent food, I love the idea and the illustrations are lovely!
Enjoy the Dollicious by Meago! :)

The Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow

Lucy Sparrow’s Cornershop is the fluffiest, furriest shopping experience imaginable. She’s filled a former derelict store in Bethnal Green with over 4,000 handmade felt versions of familiar grocery items - from fish fingers and cans of SPAM to sanitary towels and newspapers, rocket ice lollies and oven chips to ciggies, veggies, and what is most certainly the softest loo roll ever manufactured.

If you are in London this August you can take a look at her physic shop, or you can buy all her amazing products online at Cornershop! :)

8 August 2014

Boyoun Kim Illustrations

Enjoy the amazing illustrations of Boyoun Kim! :)

Fruit Punch Shoes

All of these fruity shoes are handmade with crochet from the designer Mayan Levi Ellentuck.
You can buy all of them at Fruit Punch!

My favourite are the Watermelon booties and yours?

7 August 2014

Journey & Destination by Douglas Smith

You have to enjoy your journey to appreciate the destination, don't you think?
Enjoy this Douglas Smith illustrations.

Mater Natura

An original way to become aware of making fire in a forest. This add is from Mater Natura.

Primitive men discovered fire. Present men discovered how to be primitive.
Denounce forest fires. Protect life.

The source is Ads of the World.

6 August 2014

Zombies and Plants

Have you every played with the game Zombies & Plants?
It's one of my favourite games on my Iphone, but you can play it  too on the facebook. 
Now I have found this blind box with one of the famous character inside, maybe a zombie or maybe a plant...

I had a cute zombie inside; with a grey face, big eyes and of course big teeth! :)
Enjoy these cute characters, and if you have the chance, don't doubt to play the game, it's very addictive!

Cat Shirts from Hiroko Kubota

It seems I don't have enough with just one cat in my life, I want to wear cats too!
I love these cute shirts from the Japan artist Hiroko Kubota a shame they are just for men!
Take a look at a few of his designs... they are amazing! :)

5 August 2014

Do Or Die by Suzanne Brockmann

Do Or Die by Suzanne Brockmann
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

If you have to choose between keeping your brother safe or saving a child from his tyrant father, what will you choose?
This is the issue Ian Dunn has when he had two visitors in prison, Paige and Martell, that wanted to change his mind. When they found the Ian's reticence, they tried to change his mind but it was not as easy as it seemed. Because Ian's brother, Aaron, is married with Shel, a son of a drug dealer who doesn't accept really good that his son is gay.
While Ian, Paige, Martell, Sheldon and Aaron tried to hide from all the Shell's family and their guns, they will have to decide how to rescue the poor child before it will be send back to his father; dead or a life.

"I've been locked up for nearly a year, so maybe things have changed out beyond these walls. Is that really legal now?" he asked her. "Forcing me to do something I'm unwilling to do?"

"If you're my client, Mr. Dunn, you can use my phone," she told him as matter-of-factly as she could manage. "If you're my kidnapper, you can't."

If you have read any of the previous books of Suzanne Brockmann you know that normally you empathize with the hero. But this time there is not only one hero, you will have your goose bumps with Aaron and Shells' love history and you will burst into laughs with Ian and Phoebe situations.
This is a full action book with bullets, bombs and a lot of romance.
Immerse in the Ian's Dunn world, where anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Storytime: A Little Gallery Show by Joey Spiotto

Enjoy these amazing illustrations from Joey Spiotto, they are all from the exhibition Storytime: A Little Gallery Show. Take a look... :)

2 August 2014

Living Sculptures by Mike Campau

Enjoy these original sculptures created by Mike Campau! :)

A conceptual series that was constructed to give human personality and activity to an otherwise nondescript structure. By adding wardrobe, and movement within the clothing, the sculptures instantly take on a personality and tell a story all to their own. By combining studio photography and cgi in a whimsical style and colorful palette... this series is meant to push the visual norm.