31 January 2015

Winter Photography by Andre Villeneuve

Enjoy the tenderness of these winter photos from the artist Andre Villeneuve!

The PicNYC TABLE by Haiko Cornelissen

Do you miss the summer picnics?
Thanks to the Haiko Cornelissen, you will eat all year surrounded by grass on all your meals!
Take a look at the PicNYC TABLE, it's quite amazing.

29 January 2015

2015 New Movies by Silenzio

The French movie magazine Silenzio has created this minimalistic poster with 35 different movies coming out in 2015. Can you guess them all?

1- Star Wars Ep. 7  The Force Awakens; 2- Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron; 3-Jurassic World; 4-Minions; 5- Les Nouvelles Aventures D'Aladin; 6- Invencible; 7- Fifty Shades of Grey; 8- Ant-Man; 9- American Sniper; 10- The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water; 11- Birdman; 12- Terminator Genisys; 13- Chappie; 14- Fast & Furious 7, 15- Inside Out; 16- Cinderella; 17- Shaun the Sheep Movie; 18- Mad Max : Fury Road; 19- The Little Prince; 20- Ted 2; 21- Babysitting 2; 22- Inherent Vice; 23- Big Eyes; 24- Pan; 25- Belle Et Sebastien : l’aventure continue; 26- La Grande Aventure De Maya L'Abeille; 27- Wolf Totem; 28- The Transporter Legacy; 29- Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials; 30- Entourage; 31- Spectre; 32- Réalité; 33- In the Heart of the Sea; 34- Lost River; 35- The Hateful Eight.

Pursue Friendship by R.G. Manse

Pursue Friendship by R.G. Manse
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

This is a book of contradictions... Is the killer a poor innocent man? Is the missing magician a master mind killer? Is there really a murderer?
When you start reading this book, it seems that Franks is a man with bad luck who just wants to return with his wife, Irene. But Irene has a new boyfriend, Findlay, who is the friend of the magician Marek, who at the same time works at the cafe with Frank. Marek also works with Katrina, a gangster ex-girlfriend... Does it seem complicated enough? Be prepared, this is just the beginning!

'Calling Annie was one step too far. But Frank did manage to force himself to send her a text, about an hour before the Mowdown was due to start. The moment he hit send, he hoped she'd be shopping for potpourri or knick-knacks and wouldn't get it in time. The phone beep-beeped and vibrated before he'd put it back in his pocket:
Love to! xx
Man. Two kisses already. The woman was a nymphomaniac.

It was strange reading this book at the beginning, every chapter is a different character, sharing their thoughts and old memories. But when you enter to the story, you just want to know the truth beneath all the lies and the half-trues. Everything makes Frank a killer, his past too, but is it all true?
This is the second book of Frank Friendship Series, so Frank will have to deal with a lot of troubles for a long time... but I hope with less explicit scenes and a little bit of happiness in his life.
R.G. Manse has written a web of intrigue, where you are stick on it like a fly, waiting to be devoured... Ready for the show?

27 January 2015

Brunch City by Andrea Portolés

This is a project of Andrea Portolés in collaboration with Bea Crespo,  Illustrator.
This collection of images about cities around the world are based on its tipical meals. Combining food, travelling, photography and lots of creativity to get this result.

645 to Paradiso by Chanel

Paradise is not an easy place to find, but in the new collection of Chanel you will wear a little piece of Paradise on your nails everyday!

It's a green pearl colour, amazing alone...

Or fantastic with a sparkly top coat!
Which colour will try in your little piece of Paradise?

26 January 2015

The Evolution of Evil by #Fandango

So... if today is not my day, I always can try to find any of these sweet Disney Evil Queens to help my dreams come true... 

Love and Luck by Anna Rusakova

Today I need a lot of love and luck, so I thought that the cute illustrations of Anna Rusakova will make me a little bit happier. If your are expecting news, I wish you good luck!

Or take a look at my old post from her... :)

25 January 2015

Authors Series by Ryan Sheffield

These famous writers' quotes coach us with inspirational life aids. The artist who create them is Ryan Sheffield.

Kouichi Chiba Art

The Kouichi Chiba Art transmit so many emotions with just one photo... they are minimalistic but so strong at the same time... enjoy!

24 January 2015

23 January 2015

Photo Invasion by Lucas Levitan

This is the Lucas Levitan project Photo Invasion, where he hunt for images and add an illustrative touch. Enjoy!

Coffee Cat Paw

This is the most cute thing you will ever find inside your coffee, a cat!

I was searching for these cute marshmallows for a long time, and I found them at J-list! It was a special Christmas gift for all the ones we where searching for them, I hope they will sell them again.

The Coffee Cat Paw are sweet marshmallows with cute cat forms that you can enjoy inside your favourite hot drink. They melt with the hot temperature and leave a sweet foam, they are the best thing I ever see inside my coffee! ;)

22 January 2015

Perfume Society

In December I was one of the lucky ones to win a VIP subscription to the Perfume Society!

I discovered them in the Perfume Bible  presentations, and I fell in love with their knowledge of perfumes since then.
Now that I am a member and I have access to all their hidden secrets, I think is the best Christmas present ever! They have a magazine (full of perfume novelties and curiosities), events to discover and create new flagrant smells and the best of all; the discovery box!

So when I received this amazing box full of amazing fragrances I was really glad to be a member of this amazing club! 
In the box I found some new and old friends, and with some cards to explain their intimate secrets...

Alka-Setzer Advertising

I am not sure what they try to say in this Alka-Setzer advert... because 
If Dracula didn't have a weakness we will be all vampires? Or if the Snow White didn't eat the apple, maybe she would not find the prince! 
But it is a curious idea!

Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Laura De Jesús Asjana
Copywriter: Tagore Barba
Additional Credits: Joan Bueno, Alejandro Capellán