31 March 2015

Horror Masters by Ed Harrington

Ed Harrington will show you how to be the perfect horror master with the Ikea easy steps! :)

Chocolate Easter Eggs by Chocolate Society

Please take a look at these amazing chocolate eggs, they seem so perfect and yummy... I want to eat all of them... but I am allergic to chocolate... can I cry?
These chocolate eggs are from Chocolate Society, perfect and ready to eat wherever you like and share it... or not! :)

29 March 2015


Can you imagine having one of these Witchoria cups?

Follow the Leader by Mel Sherratt

Follow the Leader by Mel Sherratt
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

How many years can you wait for your revenge?
Patrick had been bullied all his childhood and he decided that now was his moment to make his bullies pay for all the shame he suffered in school. Could he be able to go on with his vengeance before the police stop him?
Allie Shenton will have to stop a serial killer who went at the same school as her and in the same class of her sister, Karen.
Will she discover the murderer with the help of the plastic letters the killer left at the victims?
Start reading and you will have the answers for all these questions!

"Allie looked at the house one more time. Getting justice - that's why she did her job. Justice for a wife, a daughter, a sister. And she would do her best to see what happened.

It took me a while to read this book, I prefer not knowing who the murder is till the end of the book, and here you know it from the first page. It was less intriguing to read, but not less interesting!
It's quite sad how children can make suffer their school buddies just for pleasure or for being different. Can we say that the adults don't make this? Because I think we are worst than the children, we know how to be cruel and we make it knowing that we will hurt someone and in the contrary, the youngsters just try to be accepted and don't know how the words can hurt.
Mel Sherratt will mix past and present creating a link between the victim and the bullies where the vengeance will be the only answer.
Would you follow the leader?

28 March 2015

Colours and Lines by James Oconnell

The fourth instalment of colours and lines applied
across a wide area of themes by James Oconnell.

Rocketbook; Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook

I am following this Indiegogo campaign for a few days... The Rocketbook is a notebook that can send notes directly to your cloud. You can reuse it up to 25 times and can be cleaned in the microwave!

Seems science fiction, but is true! You write on the Rocketbook with the Pilot FriXion pens and sincronize your new notes with their mobile application, and then voilà, you have all your notes on your favourite program to share them or to keep them safe!

When you have finished all the pages of your notebook (100 pages), you put it in the microwave for 1 minutes and all the pages will be clean and ready to use again!

27 March 2015

Animal Mask by Berrisom

Making your daily face cleaning routine can be funny too thanks to these cute Animal Mask!
In the packet they come 7 different designs to nourish your skin and laugh a little with the animals, take a look...
I really, really want to try them! You can find these cute animals at Wishtrend! :)


Baymax and Disney by DeeeSkye

Do you know Baymax?
Baymax is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. You have seen him at the Big Hero 6 movie.
The artist Demetria Skye Logan (DeeeSkye) has made a mix with some Disney Characters, enjoy! :)

26 March 2015

Cats by Fab Funky

Cats illustrations by Fab Funky! :)

Tado and Canon Asia

Mike and Katie (Tado)  with Canon Asia had created some cute and inspiring papercrafts to make this Easter!

There are a few projects to make, here I share my favourite ones!

To make this cute house...
Download the template and follow the instructions!

To make these cake toppers...
Download the template and follow the instructions!

24 March 2015

The Hottest Seats by Spi Cinemas

An original advertising from Spi Cinemas! :)
Can you guess all the movies?

Advertising Agency: Rubecon Communications, Chennai, India
Creative Directors: Alexander Zachariah, Meera Zachariah
Art Director: Yoganand Raju
Copywriters: Sajan Prathap Singh, Vishal Sudhir
Published: March 2015