26 June 2015

Cheese Posties

This original Kickstarter campaign will make you really hungry...

The Cheese Posties delivers all the components of a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich through your letter box each week. All you have to do is toast it in the bag we provide and eat it senseless.

Here are a few examples of these Posties...

Ready for the best sandwich ever?

English Idioms and their Meanings by Roisin Hahessy

The artist Roisin Hahessy tries to explain some typical english words and share their meaning with cute illustrations...

24 June 2015

Sushi Suitcase

When you travel are you afraid that someone opens your luggage?

Thanks to these cute Sushi covers, you will protect your suitcase with a delicious cover, Sushi! :)
There are a few designs to choose, you just need to decide which one is your favourite.

The source is ufunk.

Shamekh Designs

The architect and designer  Shamekh creates fashion with his environment, take a look...

23 June 2015

GermanWings Advertising

Can you guess the cities in these GermanWings advert?

Advertising Agency: Grey, Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Kirner
Creative Directors: Alexandros Antoniadis, Martin Venn
Art Directors: David Baertz, Markus Werner
Illustrators: David Baertz, Dennis Melskotte / KW43 Branddesign
Copywriters: Helge Hoffmann, Thomas Kuhn
Director Client Services: Helge Gruettke
Managing Director: Michael Rewald / KW43 Branddesign
Director of Production: Peter Engel
Published: April 2015

Cat Socks for Tables and Chairs

Making your home perfect is always in the details, so with these cute paws, Nekoashi you will have the floor protected with cute cat socks! :)

19 June 2015


Enjoy these optical illusions from an Aspirin advertising. :)

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Art Directors: Carl Larsson, Jennifer Garcia

Sweeety Festa Major de Reus Tote Bags

I know I didn't post anything for a complete week, but it was my birthday and I worked hard making these new tote bags of Reus to send them today!
So my new bags are a collaboration with Marta Anguera and represent some of the typical characters of the Reus festivities.
These tote bags are all made with a dark denim, the inside fabric is with a different colour in each one, so all of them are unique! I hope you like them! :)

12 June 2015

What your birthday says about your sex life by Cosmopolitan

What your birthday says about your sex life? Read and discover!
You can read the full article at Cosmopolitan.

Three Twisted Stories by Karin Slaughter

Three Twisted Stories by Karin Slaughter
Genre: Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

"This is how you end it.
Charlie didn't know how the knife had come into his possession. He didn't remember picking it up from the ground. He didn't remember picking it up from the ground. He didn't remember wiping off the blood. He sure as shit didn't remember putting it in his pocket. The blade was sharp. Why hadn't it sliced through the cloth?
You're gonna end up just like me."

Reading is easy when the writing means something...
These are not the stories we know from Karin, they are darker and more ironic, but I am sure you will enjoy them too.
I am not quite sure which one of the three stories shocked me more, but all of them had a curious twist at the end making the reading quite enjoyable.

Obvious State by Evan Robertson

Enjoy these book quotes from the artist Evan Robertson! :)
You can buy them at My Modern Shop.