30 September 2015

Rumba Disposables: Colors with your rhythm of life.

I found curious how this Rumba advert related the colours with our rhythm of life, take a look...

Advertising Agency: Pubblica SAS, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Ronald Bastidas Vélez
Art Directors: Juan Suárez, Christian Vanegas
Published: August 2015

First Birthday Beauty Box by Lookfantastic

Want to take a look at the surprises I received on my Lookfantastic Beauty Box?
There are some really surprising products, take a look...

I will start for the products from Sebastian brand; a brand I love and that leaves my hair with and amazing shine! I have never tried the Penetraitt, that gives strength and repairs the hair, but I am sure I will love it too.

Unlucky me there was a full product of the Phytokeratine Extème, for ultra-damaged hair and dry... I will not be able to use it, but I am sure my friends will love the present!

I've always wanted to try the Bliss products, now with the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, it will be my chance!

I didn't know the brand Codage, but I can assure you I will use the Scrubbing Cream!

I really don't understand the need to buy a tanner... I don't need it, ok, but you always know when someone is using one! I supose TanWorx is a good brand, but I don't know anyone who will use this kind of product!

I am always fascinated by Caudalie, they use grapes for their products and are completely natural. I will try the Moisturising Sorbet and the S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum, I will love them, for sure!

Inside the box there where a few discounts to use, too.
This is not my favourite box, but I will use almost all of the products, so a good value! :)

28 September 2015

Cartoon Characters That Got Old by Andrew Tarusov

Sadly we all we will be getting old... the artist Andrew Tarusov show us the golden years of some cartoon characters, take a look!

Pipsticks September 2015

Want to take a look at the cute envelope I received this morning with the post?

Is this month Pipsticks shipment, an envelope full of cute stickers ready to use!
Take a look...

Here are my favourites!

I am already wondering which new stickers will arrive the next month... I am ready to be surprised! :)

26 September 2015

25 September 2015

Happy Halloween! by Vladimir Stankovic

In 1 month we will be preparing Halloween... so I thought that this cute poster from the artist Vladimir Stankovic will be a good decoration for your house! 

Idioms of the World by Hotel Club

Learning a new idiom is always funny and interesting, in Hotel Club decided to share some odd phrases in foreign languages and translate them to english. The expressions are quite interesting! :)

24 September 2015

Elements - Experiments in Character by Kaycie D.

Have you every had to know the Elements?
I can assure you is not a funny thing to study or remember, but thanks to Elements cards, you will study them with another perspective and you will have a lot of fun!
The artist Kaycie D. created our famous elements like humans and with "special" powers, making them easy to remember and with a little bit of colour to distract ourselves for the boring study.
Here are a few samples, but you can buy all the "Elements" at the Etsy shop! :)

Fountain Ring

Are you starting to search for the perfect present for this Christmas?

A piece of jewellery is always a good idea, and if is special and unique better!

The Fountain Ring, is a silver ring with a rhodium coating that every time you place the ring directly under running water you will have a beautiful butterfly or a spider fountain!

If you want you can engrave it with a special message. So, what are you waiting to buy the perfect gift for this Christmas? :)

23 September 2015

Süreyya Noyan Illustrations

I alway like to share the amazing illustrations I discover on the internet, but Süreyya Noyan creations are the most curious I have found! Take a look...

It has to be really difficult to make these beautiful designs inside an egg shell, don't you think?

Inspiration Through Inventions by Halo

I am alway curious about new technologies, but what about the past inventions that made us who we are?

Halo design has created a curious poster (or t-shirt if you prefer to wear inspiration everywhere) to remember the most famous inventions of all times.

You can buy the poster or t-shirt for now on Kickstarter, but soon on their Halo page.

Now you will not have any excuse to share your knowledge with your friends and family! :)