25 February 2016

Art Prints by dada16808

Take a look at these amazing illustrations by dada16808! :)

Chemistry Crayon Labels

Take a look at these educational labels to use with the basic crayons, you will learn the names of the chemicals that will make those colours!
A fun  and easy way to learn chemistry, don't you think?
You can find all the colours possibles at the Chemistry Crayon Labels.

24 February 2016

The Silent Girls by Ann Troup

The Silent Girls by Ann Troup
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Rating: 5/5

How many secrets can a house keep?
Edie has returned to Coronation Square to clean her Aunt Dolly´s home after her death. The hidden things she will find inside the house will be so dark and frightening that maybe they are not worth her life, someone is ready to kill before the truth comes out...
Will she be the next Silent Girl?

"Lena did not feel guilty - burdened, yes -but the load she carried was not the unbearable weight of guilt, it was more the weight of secrets, secrets gone stale and mouldy from years of being kept in the dark."

Ann Troup has created a dark and gripping thriller where you will find a twist in every page!
This is a sad and scary story told from Edie´s view, we will discover the truth about her past and some corpse buried in her family tree. Lucky for her, she will have some unthinkable help, because not everyone is happy that the truth will be revealed, and Edie will have to fight is she wants to survive!
I love a good mystery book where you don't know the real truth till the end. Ann has surprised me, the killer was not so obvious as I thought in the beginning making the book more interesting and with more eagerness to arrive at the end!
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery and adore dark secrets, but more important is brave enough to face the truth!
How many secrets is your family keeping from you? 

Head Turner by MΛRYNN illustration

I loved how Marynn has created these amazing hairstyles, don't you find them amazing?

22 February 2016

BAFTA 2016 Best Film posters by Levente Szabó

Can you guess all these movie posters created by the artist Levente Szabó for the BAFTA 2016?

Passionflower Living Jewelry

What can be more special and original than having your own jewelry growing while you wear it?
In Passionflower, they designed some amazing jewelry pieces embed with different types of succulent!
Take a look at these original designs...

21 February 2016

The Widow by Fiona Barton

The Widow by Fiona Barton
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

You will start reading this book knowing that someone has died and the widow has a few secrets that doesn't want anyone to know (neither the press nor the police...).
Which are these secrets that she is keeping so inside?

"'But you stayed when you found out, Jean.'
'I had to. He explained it all so I couldn't see what was right any more. He made me feel guilty for thinking that he'd done these things. Everything was concocted by the police or the bank or the internet companies. And then he blamed me. He made me see it was my fault. He was so convincing when he told me things. He made me believe him,' I  say. And he did. But he's not here any more to make me."

It is true, when you watch a movie or a news in the press, you always wonder if the partner is really so innocent as they want to show. I want to think that if my partner was able to kidnap a child I would notice something or knowing that is keeping secrets from me... (but hope that I will never have to face this kind of truth!). But I suppose that love is blind and if you don't want to know the truth even if it's crystal clear you will not see it.
This is a book where you start knowing that everyone is keeping secrets, but don't know what type till the end, you are just a viewer that want to know the real truth... but of course it doesn't arrive till the end!
This is a paced thriller, where you can view how the widow, the reporter, the detective, the mother and the husband act, and step by step make your own story with their small parts. A curious way to enter to the story but at the same time easy to understand everyone...
I couldn't say that I don't like this book, but it was maybe too cold to understand the widow's choices and why she keep all her secrets...
This is the first book of Fiona Barton, I will keep and eye to her next book, I am sure I will not be disappointed!
Which secret will you keep to the graveyard?

Geometric Beasts by Kerby Rosanes

Enjoy these beautiful Geometric Beasts by the artist Kerby Rosanes, they are beautiful! :)

20 February 2016

GPS Artist (Stephen Lund)

This is an original way to enjoy your trips with your bicycle, making sketches with your GPS!
I love the original idea of Stephen Lund! Take a look...

The source is Bored Panda.

Fix You by Carrie Elks

Fix You by Carrie Elks
Genre: Fiction, Chic Lit
Source: Corvus Books
Rating: 5/5

They say that New Year's Eve is magic. That is the night Hannah and Richard meet. Of course any love story is easy, but would they be able to fix their story after fifteen years?

""I love you." His words were desperate. Hannah tried to hold on to them, like a child catching a bubble as it danced through the air. When she opened her hands she feared it would be gone."

I can just say I loved this book, Carrie Elks has built a lovely and soulful story full of love and emotive moments that will remain with me for a long time.
I was touched with the story of Hanna's mother, maybe because my mum has cancer too and I know the pain and fear you suffer watching a loved one so ill and nothing to do to help. I can understand completely Hanna's reaction and how she needs to heal herself before trying to continue with her own life, losing a parent is not easy, and less easy if all your life had been only the two of you...
But we will not just enjoy the pain in the book, the love story between Hannah and Richard is so real that could have been any of us (the readers); making it more real and touching.
I would recommend reading this book in a long weekend, with a hot chocolate, a duvet and the fire as a company, the hours will pass so quickly that you'll want to turn the clock back and start again!
Are you ready to be fixed?

11 February 2016

Important Cat Jobs by Last Lemon

Yes, is true, our beloved cat friends do some very important jobs in our lives, Last Lemon tried to share some of them with us... :)

The source is Bored Panda.

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris
Genre: Thriller
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 5/5

Every home has their secrets, every marriage has their hidden challenges, but Jack and Grace have a complete different life behind their beautiful house... Is it time for Grace to reveal the truth?

This is one of these books that after you finish it you have to take a deep breath and let your conscience reflect on what you have read. It is not an easy book, is painful and deep, making you realise the secrets that can be hidden in your neighbourhood without anyone noticing.
Sometimes when you are reading a book, you like it and feel it, but in this case is more deeper than this, you really suffer Grace's pain and fear. For me the best in the book was the last sentence, which makes the book to wrap perfectly...
"What colour was Millie's room, Grace?"
Without this question, the book would be good, but this was the nail that makes the book amazing, making you realise that she is not alone...
Everyday there are a lot of domestic abuse victims, I would like to think that if someone near me is being abused I would notice, but sadly after reading this book I understand that they cover it so deeply that it is almost impossible to know. It has to be extremely difficult to accept that you are a victim, the person that you thought loved you is making you pain, and having children or family depending on you makes your decisions even more difficult. It is not easy to ask for help, sadly not everyone believes in the truth, but staying single is not and option neither!
Read this book not as a fiction, but as real life for some women, how brave and strong they are to suffer this pain alone and at the end leave their partners. They are not victims, they are heroines.
Which is the colour of your room?

10 February 2016

Typeface Using Layered Wood and Honey by Franc Navarro and Alberto Martinez

Some really sweet typography by Franc Navarro and Alberto Martinez! :)

The source is Designboom.

Neko Helmet

Maybe you, like me don't have a motorcycle and will never use these original helmets, Neko Helmets, but I found them quite curious and originals, enough to share them with you! :)
Each helmet is equipped with a single light protective visor and integral folding sun-visor. The helmet has a removable lining of 100% polyester as well as the double ventilation. Fiberglass ears are firmly fixed to the body of the helmet, but in case of an accident, they are destroyed without any danger. The ears are performed of through type. Weight of the helmet is 1780 grams.
Ready to be the cat of the road?

9 February 2016

Yoyo The Rice-Corpse Doodles

Some cute doodles to put a big smile on your face from Yoyo the Rice-Corpse! :)

Call Me, Maybe by Ellie Cahill - Tasty Blog Tour

Call Me, Maybe by Ellie Cahill
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
Rating: 3/5

Two strangers swap their phones in an airport, would this be the beginning of a true love?
Follow Clementine and Justin in this cloud trip to know the answer...

"Call me, maybe? If you'd like to," I said. "You know where to find me."

Clementine is the black sheep in her family and losing her mobile in the airport will just be another secret she will have to hide from them... or maybe it will be the moment to confront them and tell all the "hidden" truths she has?
Quite frankly, sometimes is quite difficult for me to understand how people prefer to please their families instead of their own felicity. Clem allows all her family to decide completely about her life instead of making her own choices, even if some of them are wrong. We are human, and we make mistakes, don't we?
This is a funny book, but in some moments I would like to know more about the characters and their past baggage, maybe the book would not end so quick for me... In the beginning the phone messages where funny and fresh, but when Clementine and Justin start meeting face to face, the book started to be less funny and more expected... I will take a look at the future Ellie Cahill books, she seems a good writer and with some fresh and funny moments, maybe the next book will be my match! :)
Do you know where's your phone?

7 February 2016


I know I've not been updating my blog every day in the last months, as you may have read in some of my blogs I am pregnant, and truthfully, some days I just want to sleep...
My due date is arriving soon, at the end of February, so I am not sure how many days I will be in the hospital or when I will be able to update the blog again after giving birth...
As you may have seen I am posting more book reviews and less products, this is because I love reading and being pregnant is more comfortable staying relaxed! I have a lot of blog tours on March and April, so I will not disappear for a long time, but if for a few days the blog is not updated don't be scared, I will be returning very soon!
This is just an update, for now I will be posting as frequent as always with some original and amazing things! :)

Scarf Books by FreshComfy

I can't live home without a scarf, and you?
Today I've discovered these pretty scarfs with some of my favourite books, they are are handmade by FreshComfy! :)