31 May 2016

Paul Fuentes Artwork

Funny and colourful images by the artist Paul Fuentes.

Modern Sprout

Every spring I try to buy some seeds and plants to make my home greener and to replace the poor plants that didn't survive the winter. Today I discovered the Modern Sprout brand, is an easy and beautiful way to have your home full of plants and easy to take care!
They send you all you need...

You just have to water them from time to time and in no time you will have a beautiful plant or flower at home! ;)

30 May 2016

Tokyo by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Some amazing Tokyo buildings illustrations from the artist Mateusz Urbanowicz.

Tea Soap Books

There's never enough books in your life! I am always reading and searching for things that would remind me the pleasure I have when I have a book in my hands. That's why I loved these beautiful soaps, can you imagine cleaning your hands with your favourite book?
These soap books are all handmade with natural ingredients, and I am sure they smell amazing!
Take a look at the Tea Soap Books, I am sure you will find the book you are searching! ;)

29 May 2016

The World's Weirdest Festivals

Ok, now is the season where everyone wants to go to music festivals... to be original, I want to share with you the weirdest! ;)

The source is Lifehack.

Dead End Fix by T.E. Woods

Dead End Fix by T.E. Woods
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

Lydia is "The Fixer", she always have "easy" missions, but not this time, she will have to face his best friend's daughter, the czarina of a Russian mob, Allie. In this book we will see a life or death fight between two of the most dangerous women of the world, but unknown consequences... Who will win?

"She wants revenge. Lydia corrected. She wants to destroy us all. She'll wage her war on your family by taking Hadley. And she'll punish me by leaving me helpless to stop her."

I have to say that I am addicted to the "The Fixer" books, this is the 8th in the series of T.E. Woods, but they are never repetitive or boring, it always get better!
In this book we will finally see the face to face between Allie and Lydia (we were expecting this for the last two books!) with unpredictable results...
And while Lydia has to focus on surviving, poor Mort will have to discover who murder a young boy on the street... Will this death start a battle between gangs or worse?
I think in this book we see how scaring it has to be living in a neighbourhood controlled by gangs, and the fear on your body for the lost bullet. I can understand that if you don't have a family the feel to have someone taking care of you has to be amazing, but it is worth to kill or sell drugs for it? I am not sure is a good choice...
As always I read one of The Fixer books in a a blink of an eye! I just have to ask something to the author... Will we ever see Lydia happy?
What will you do to have a family?

28 May 2016

Optical Illusions by Charlie Deck (bigblueboo)

Enjoy these amazing Optical Illusions from Charlie Deck! ;)

Gululu, the interactive bottle!

Is not easy making little kids drink water, so we, the parents have to be inventive to make water attractive and fun. That's why I love this curious bottle, Gululu.

As your child drinks water, the virtual pet in the bottle grows, collects treasures, and explores an underwater world of adventure called the "Gululu Universe." 

This seems an amazing campaign, sadly my baby is too small to join the campaign, I will have to wait a couple of years to try it!

27 May 2016

Dewieta Creations

I love these cute and lovely gifs from Trisha (Dewieta)! ;)

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry
Genre: Fiction, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Ed Macdonald has been murdered...Who killed him?
We will have go backwards fifteen years to know his full story. Ready for a trip to the past?

"A decision has to be made. One way or the other.
A coin. Daniel used to toss a coin when he didn't know what to do. I pick up a magazine that I've left by the side of the bath. If I open on a page with an odd number I'll leave."

This is quite a book! With more than 500 pages, even if you love reading is quite scaring to start a big book! But chapter by chapter we learn the miseries of Lily and Carla, our two protagonist, and adult and a child whose fate will be sentenced after a stupid rough...
There's a murder, yes, but that's not the most important part of the book, there are so many secrets in Lily's and Cara's life that you just want to know all of them! At the end, I was pity for Cara, she just wanted to be loved, but her decisions were completely wrong!
From the first page till the last I was enchanted with the story behind My Husband's Wife, Lily and Cara stories where so touchable and real that seem I was listening to them telling their fate!
Do you prefer to know the truth or a white lie?

26 May 2016

Samurai Dogs by David Garrido

Original illustrations from David Garrido.

Lego Disney Minifigures

Have you seen the new Lego Minifigures? You can collect Disney characters! I saw the promotion last week and today I couldn't resist to buy one... 

Can you guess what character is it?

Yes! Ursula, King Triton's sister, the villain from Ariel! ;)

I think tomorrow I will go and buy another one... I want Mickey!

25 May 2016

Renna Mobile: Billion things to talk about

I like this advertising from Renna Mobile, is true, you can talk about billions of things with a mobile!

The source is Ads of the World.

Latika, Body Essentials

How many times a day we wash our hands? A lot!

So having a cute and a good scent is one of the most important things for your hand soap, if is cute and fashion, even better!
That's why I loved the Camera Soap from Latika, the soap has a fresh scent and is enriched with activated charcoal, but is a Camera!

24 May 2016

Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 5/5

Maggie Rose, is a lawyer that chooses her cases very carefully, only the ones she can win... and the Hamish Wolfe case doesn't convince her...
Hamish Wolfe is a very handsome man pleading innocence... he wants Maggie Rose for his appeal... Will his charm convince her?

"Like attracts like, says Van Morke. 'You show me a woman attracted to a violent man, I'll show you someone with a potential for violence as great. These women are to be treated with extreme caution. Possibly avoided altogether.'"

I have to say I loved this book since the beginning, I was intrigued to know if Wolfe had really murdered the 4 women or not, all the proves pointed him as the murderer, so it had to be him, no?
It was quite original how the book was written; with the articles, the letters and a draft book, making it more realistic and more intriguing.
I have read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies talking about prison wives, how they fell in love with a man they never really met, just talking with letters and they can never be alone together. I am not sure I like the idea of knowing someone who had been convicted of a murder or a rape h. What's the charm in it? Having a husband who doesn't bother you at home? That doesn't ask you for anything? The thing that scares me most would be if he ever goes out, will he kill me?
This is a brilliant and tense thriller, that captivates since the first page.
Do you prefer a Daisy or a Rose?

Piopp-Sicle Superheroes by Carlo Cazzaniga

Enjoy these curious ice-creams from the artist Carlo Cazzaniga! ;)

23 May 2016

Jonas Claesson Draws

Jonas Claesson draws beautiful Surfing Animals! :)

Tiger Stores

Have you ever been to a Tiger Store?
If the answer is yes, I suppose you have the same problem as me every time I enter in a one... I can't leave empty handed!
These are my discoveries this time...

A cute ice-cream that is a little towel, perfect to clean my baby's face!

These colourful envelopes will have soon a new home... I am preparing a giveaway for next month!

I was searching for a light elastic string, and purple is the best colour, don't you think?

These cute strings will make an amazing summer bracelet...

Will see in my next visit what amazing things I can find!