30 April 2017

Illustrations by Nancy Liang

Take a look at these animated illustrations by Nancy Liang, they are so beautiful!

off • lines - Analog High-Tech

I am a blogger yes, but all my blog posts are always written before in a notebook, to make changes and allow me to think better what I really want to say on the post. That's why this week I was in the London Stationery Show, there were so many new and amazing products to try and discover that I will have a lot of stationery posts in the next month! ;)

Today I want to talk about off • lines paper manager, that has won the German Design Award 2017.
It fits in every pocket, is easy to use and doesn't need re-charge or waiting to be updated. you can write in it with any type of ink. And is easy to assemble, it comes with the cover, 64 papers and a rubber to stick together, admit it, is quite an original idea!

This notebook is handmade and the cover waterproof and shockproof, so really, this is the best analog high-tech notebook you'll ever find (and is not expensive!), trust me! ;)

29 April 2017

Disney Princesses Into Celebrity Photos by Andhika Muksin

Okay, I think these photos "created" by Andhika Muksin are so funny! Take a look...
The source is My Bored Panda.

Did You see Melody by Sophie Hannah

Did You see Melody by Sophie Hannah
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 4'5/5

Cara Burrows had booked a very expensive holiday to disconnect from her family and to take a very important decision that will change all of their life... But in some twist of fate, she discovers that she may have seen a dead girl and it seems that her life could be in danger... now she just wants to return home!

'"Once the tiniest doubt creeps in, you start to wonder about everything.
When I'm alone, I whisper over and over, "My name is Melody Chapa, my name is Melody Chapa." It makes me feel worse - as if the girl trying to convince me must have a different name - though there's no one there but me.'

I've read a few of Sophie Hannah books, so when I discovered all the twists she prepared for this book, I was ready for them, and of course I love surprises! ;)
The Melody case is not easy to explain, but between the interviews Cara watch online and the research she makes in the resort, we discover all the dirty secrets about the case. Melody disappeared, but her parents are in prison for her death, even if her body was never found... so what had Cara seen a ghost or the real Melody? Of course, I will not tell you the answer, the book is worth the reading and discover the truth! And as maybe you can imagine, the case was closed, but there are still people that don't want the truth going out, and that puts Cara's life in danger!
I like that in Sophie Hannah books everything is connected, there are no missing links, everything fits in the end, that makes her books different, but at the same time great! She is the queen of the psychological thrillers, there's no doubt about it.
Did You See Melody is a book that will make you re-think about justice and about how much the press can influence on the case, making a person guilty or innocent depending on who talks about it and how good your mood is when you talk to the press.
This is a psychological thriller where the truth maybe will never go out... Did You See Melody?

28 April 2017

Architecture Rings by Phillippe Tournaire

Rings are quite expensive, but if they are an architecture masterpiece the price is much more, because what you are wearing is not just a simple rings is a building! ;)
The artist Phillippe Tournaire has created these beautiful pieces of art to wear on your fingers to make you dream of the beautiful buildings they represent, original, don't you think?
So, tell me, which one is your favourite?


I love this project where every day they make a wood tree, from a different wood and with a different form. They are pretty to decorate your home and your table. The original idea is from treesixtyfive and if you want you can buy a few of them here.

27 April 2017


Not just cute and cuddly, Wombat is a good mark on our social conscience. Made from the textile offcuts of our Les basic upholstered products, this plush toy is doing its part to reduce waste and at the same time providing vital support to the wildlife of Australia, with a percentage of every sale going to the RSPCA.

So, which one is your favourite?

Colors by Maki Mochizuki

Take a look at these simple but cute animal illustrations, there are so real! These creations are from Maki Mochizuki.

26 April 2017

Mills & Boon Insider - April 2017

I've been selected to be one of the Mills & Boon Insiders, so from now on, every month, I will share with you their new books, because I love mystery and crime, but every now and then is nice to have a little bit of romance in your life, don't you think? ;)
This month I will recommend you...

Conveniently Wed To The Greek by Kandy Shepherd

A beautiful island and a handsome greek are the perfect ingredients for a love romance...!
Neither Dell or Alex are searching for love, they just have a business contract, but you know that love grows when you less expect it and in the more curious moments, don't you think?
This quick read will delight you with a sweet romance in a sublime Greek island and with a delicious story to entertain everyone. Ready?

The Sheikh's Bought Wife by Sharon Kendrick

Jane and Zayed don't love each other, the most appropriate word would be, tolerate... so a marriage between them would be volatile, at least... They decide that if they marry it would be beneficial for them both, and after six months they can divorce... but living with someone day and night could make the anger sparks turn to love, and maybe the marriage is not a bad idea?
With some high voltage scenes and a lot of pleasure, we will fall at the playboy Zayed net... will it be enough for Jane?
Enjoy this dessert passion!

Mummy, Nurse... Duchess? by Kate Hardy

Can a widow mother of two fall in love again?
Rosie is a nurse and a mother, and she thinks is not yet ready to find a father for her child... but Cupid has other plans for her and will throw a love spell between her and the new handsome doctor, Leo, who is a Duke too! Rosie just has to let everything fit in... but maybe is too scared?
I liked this sweet story where we learn about some illnesses and we can understand Rosie's behaviour and her fear to love again, but love is almost always worth it, don't you think?
A romantic novel for medical lovers!

Red Soldiers by Christian Martin Jarrand

Scaring but at the same time so original and funny that I loved the Red Soldiers by Christian Martin Jarrand.

25 April 2017

Delicious Birds by Royam

I would like to eat the delicious birds the artist Royam (@fuguhitman) has created, they seem yummy! ;)

Amnesia by Michael Ridpath

Amnesia by Michael Ridpath
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Corvus
Rating: 5/5

Alistair has amnesia after falling the stairs and a young family friend, Clémence, will try to help him recover his memory... But when Clémence find a manuscript pointing Alistair as a killer, she is ready to make him remember all his sins. Ready for a trip to the past?

"The stalker found her the next day, face-down in the loch, caught up in the gnarled fingers of a fallen tree. At first they thought she had drowned, but when the police came and examined her properly they found finger marks on her throat; she had been strangled."

This is a mystery inside a mystery, a surprise after surprise that will make you get hooked on every page of this book!
While we are reading this book, we can feel the pain of Alistair, something on his subconscious tells him that is not good to remember, but not knowing your life is even worth. So with Clémence's help, they will read the book of his past, his student years and adult life with his friends and the mysterious woman who was found dead near the lake. Was he really the killer or his memory is triggering a hateful job? 
Did he really kill the love of his life because she didn't want to leave her husband and sons? He had dreamed for a long time to be with her, is he really capable of killing when the life doesn't suit him? He covered a killing before... maybe now he is the murderer!
Michael Ridpath has made an excellent job describing the amazing landscapes and views from Alistair trips and the silent cottage Alistair lives near the loch, we can almost feel the sound of the water in the loch.
This is a masterpiece, for the lovers of mystery, a good read lovers or the ones searching for the pleasure to enjoy a good time!
What would you like to forget?

24 April 2017

Curly Princess by C-cassandra

I feel completely identified with the problems these Disney Princess suffer for having curly hair! And you, what type of hair do you have?
The illustrations are from C-cassandra.

Geeks For Geeks by Orions Originals

Are you searching for a customized shoe to reflex how geek you are?
Take a look at the original designs from Orions Originals, I am sure you will love them!